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Popular Bollywood producer dies BBC news
Veteran film-maker Ramanand Sagar, who produced one of India's most popular TV series, has died in the city of Mumbai (Bombay) aged 87 after an illness.

Sagar was noted for producing Ramayana, a TV series on the Hindu epic.
After starting out as a film technician in Mumbai - home to Bollywood - he went on to becoming a prolific film-maker.
"All of us are born in this world, bring our deaths with us and no-one can stop it. His life came to an end and has left us," his son Prem Sagar said.
Ramanand Sagar underwent abdominal surgery four months ago.

He made and produced more than 25 films and more than a dozen television serials. But his television series Ramayana in the 1980s, Shri Krishna in 1999 and Sai Baba in 2004 won him nationwide recognition.
First telecast in 1987 on India's state-run television, the 78-episode serial, based on the life of Lord Rama, one the most revered deities in Hinduism, often brought the country to a halt.

Weddings were delayed, trains came to a halt and social events were re-scheduled so that people could watch the series, telecast every Sunday.

According to the Sagar's website, he wrote about 29 films before he established his own film production company in 1950.

His firm made more than 25 films by 1984 of which 15 were box office successes, the website claims.

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