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“I cannot respond to your love”. “Why not?” asked the girl. “Because the life of a patriot is uncertain, his dangerous duties may at any time lead to death.”

The girl was not perturbed by this, rather she had a philosophic smile on her lips, “My Japanese mother used to tell me since life is always short, one should fall in love at first opportunity lest death may knock any time and you may repent having missed the greatest of sentiments of love in this life.”

He had no answer to this convincing wisdom of the East. He was touched by the sentiment, but managed not to reveal his emotions till he left Japan.

Meenakshi Mehta was the daughter of a Japanese mother and an Indian father and Sunil had come to Japan to learn the art of Judo, Karate and a few more tricks essential to be a spy.

Sunil thought that he was helping the girl by not responding to her love and believed that she might forget him after some time; but fate again brought them together in Beirut and he found that Meenakshi had kept up that flame alive in her heart. What amazed him more was the fact that she was also a spy belonging to the same group of Indian patriots who were engaged in a grim struggle against the enemy agents who had established their secret headquarters on Indian soil and were engaged in smuggling arms and ammunition to India, which helped them in their activities of espionage, such as blowing up military trains, spreading enemy propaganda in the country and inciting violence and creating communal riots so as to disrupt the public life of the greatest democracy of Asia.

Ankhen (The Eyes) is the story of the great adventure of a brave group of Indian patriots, some of whom had to make the supreme sacrifice. It is the story of human greatness and weakness, of brave heroes and treacherous sleuths, a story of a helpless mother who would do anything to save her child and of a great father who could kill his own son for the sake of his country.

The romantic path of love and the dangerous path of duty run parallel till the story reaches the point when both the paths merge into one of eternal love.

 Cast: Dharmendra, Mala Sinha and Mehmood

1968 filmfare award Best Director Ramanand Sagar
1968 filmfare award Best Photography G.Singh
1968 U.P.film journalist association award Best Colour Film Ankhen
1968 U.P. film journalist association award Best Actress Mala Sinha
1968 U.P. film journalist association award Best Supporting Actor Sujit Kumar

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