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‘BHARAT’ i.e. India is one country in the world which sends the message of ‘Peace and Brotherhood’ to the world.
India - following the principle of ‘Live and let others Live’ thus has advanced to the peak of prosperity.

But the enemy countries are jealous of the success and progress made by India and are thus hell bent upon to create instability in the country. The ample proof of such a design is the terrorism prevailing in Kashmir.

ANKHEN is a TV serial of patriotism at its best. It is a serial to combat current burning problems as also fighting against terrorism, mafia drug addiction and cultural invasion. The third generation scions of the Sagar family - Amrit and Shakti Sagar, when they saw their grandfather (Ramanand Sagar's) film Ankhen; they expressed a desire to convert it into a TV serial.

Through Ankhen, they have advocated the view that that there is a need to be perceptive; keep our ears and eyes open in these trying times. There is a need to be alert in this age of terrorism wherein there is a constant threat from insiders. We cannot depend on the military and the police alone.

The idea was to instill in the new generation deep sentiments of nationalism, boldness to fight enemy agents and corruption and preserve our national freedom. There are brave heroes playing with life and death at the toss of a coin.
Mission India is one mission lead by a band of selfless freedom fighters, which keep a vigil on the evil-doers and are ever ready to crush evil at its roots.

Mr. J.K. MALHOTRA is the Governor Designate for Kashmir. Our enemy wants to eliminate him and they enter into a contract with notorious killer CARLOS to kill Mr. J.K. MALHOTRA.

Col. DHYAN CHAND of the GURUKUL - through His secret agents comes to know about the conspiracy and he along with his patriot soldiers pledge to spoil the plot.

The Ankhen team under the leadership of Col.Dhyanchand succeeds in spoiling the evil designs of CARLOS and save the life of Mr. Malhotra. Carlos is infuriated by his failure. He vows to take revenge with the Ankhen team and designs a new conspiracy- to blow up a bomb at the venue of the impending peace conference of the foreign advisors in India. Thereby the reputation of India will be adversely affected and the other countries will look at India with hostility. Thus India will be separated from other countries.
In order to achieve his mission- Carlos asks his counterpart Ms.Monica and Thomson to reach India.

But the secret agents of Ankhen detect the conspiracy and Col.Dhyanchand is alerted of the same and once again team of Ankhen prepares themselves to face the situation and saves the country. Thus the Ankhen team which looks after the safety and security of the country always saves the country from all types of danger at different instances.

 Year of telecast:
Ankhen was launched in the year 2001 on DD1 (Doordarshan) where a total of 104 episodes were telecasted.

 Direction and casting:
Ankhen made under the banner of “Sagar Entertainment Ltd” was produced by Jyoti Sagar and directed by Amrit Sagar and Shakti Sagar.
Starcast: Arvind Rouseria as Colonel Dhyanchand, Sanjeev Wilson as Carlos, J.P. Sharma as Kangaroo, Sagar Saini as Ankhen team member, Vinod Pandey as Ankhen team member and Sarvender as Ankhen team member.

Ankhen has bagged three awards- Nagarik Award 2001-2002, for The Best Serial for National Integrity, Progression and Guiding Factor, by Nagrik Seva Samiti, Navi Mumbai, besides Best Actor and Best Actress awards. It also won The Best Patriotic Serial award at the Filmgoers Awards.

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