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Like the illusionary horizon destiny and desire never meet.

‘Armaan’ is a deep love story set against a backdrop of fiery action and the struggle of revolutionaries for the freedom of our country.

Deepak becomes a staunch revolutionary out of circumstances. By a strange twist of fate, while trying to save his love, Aarti, from a dynamite planted by his own party men in order to blow up a bridge, goes down with the crashing bridge when the bridge explodes under his very feet. This ghastly image of his lover’s death haunts her and the only escape is to kill herself.

But destiny had a different story. Love blossoms again and comes in her life like the rains come to the deserts. Man is not made from his past and this is Raj’s philosophy. He takes Aarti to the doors of ecstasy and heaven. Due to his family circumstances and with the help of Sam, his friend, philosopher and guide, he decides to marry her and settle in the Portuguese territory of Goa. Goa proves unlucky for Raj. Aarti had to ditch him in favor of her former love, Deepak. This has a telling effect on Raj’s emotions. His dreams are shattered. He lives on the breaths of frustration. Woman to him is like the burning butt of a cigarette, to be puffed, enjoyed and thrown away.

But one day as destiny would have it, he holds the swords’ of vengeance and frustration over the heads of Deepak and Aarti, who had come to Goa on a patriotic mission. Now he could put an end to Deepak’s life and thus fulfill his life’s dreams.

Between duty, desire and destiny, ‘Armaan’ is the story of the unquenched thirsty desires of Raj. Between the reality, illusion and the unforeseen, ‘Armaan’ is the love story of Aarti being tossed on the waves of her fate. Between the freedom struggles for motherland ‘Armaan’ is the story of the revolutionary Deepak for whom true love triumphs over destiny and fate. ‘Armaan’ is a fiery love tale full of emotions, actions and entertainment.

 Cast: Raj Babbar, Ranjeeta and Deepak Parasar

Winner of music Gold Disc

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