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Arslaan is the story of a young boy who is the quintessential underdog, always shying away from attention. Born a prince, he is unaware what fate and destiny have in store for him. Yet, he embarks on a journey to find his true calling in life and finally turns into the super hero, Arslaan who is instrumental in overthrowing the evil Lord Zaakfaar to reinstate peace on earth.

The protagonist is shown to attend a school of magic with talented fellow students. His identity at this point is unknown and he finds his mission in life – to fight evil and save the human race – only in due course of time h he comes as the savior of mankind. There are dragons, loads of magic, lethal weapons that can change shape to suit occasions … everything that makes Arslaan a great fantasy to watch out for.

'ARSLAAN' is a fantasy rich in content and visual effects targeted at young and grown up viewers who love the experience of traversing the rainbow land of imagination and fantasy.

The USP is its contemporary milieu. The four boys and one girl in the group are endowed
with magical powers but they exist in a world that is contemporary and identifiable. ARSLAAN is the hero, a cool, lovable action hero. He has a super weapon which has a special boomerang mechanism attached to it. The weapon destroys his enemies and returns to him. But he encounters troubles and difficulties that young viewers will identify with. Like the ragging he is exposed to at the hands of the school bully, Shefaan. Every school has a bully. The only difference is that in the fantasy zone where they study each child and each object has extraordinary powers. Shefaan can mimic the qualities of any animal in the animal kingdom. So the USP is the empathy that the viewers will develop with characters and situations.

 Year of telecast:
It was telecasted on Sony TV in the year 2011.

 Direction and casting:
Arslaan was directed by Shakti Sagar and produced by Sagar Films (Shakti Sagar and Anand Sagar).
Neil Bhatt played the lead role of Arslaan; Praneet Bhatt played Shefan, Gaurav Mendiratta as Urfus, Nikhil Vij as Durfus and Supreet Gill (Annie) played the role of Rudabeh.

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