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A Shikara boat was floating leisurely in the picturesque Dal Lake. The two lovers gazed longingly at each other.

“What are you contemplating?” “Just thinking, I don’t know much about you”. “What do you want to know? Of my family? Of my position” “No, all I want to know is how much do you love me and how long will you continue to love me.”

“Usha! Man is not immortal. One day everyone has to die. So at present I can only promise to love you till the day of death.” Usha rested her head on his shoulders and the sun gradually disappeared behind the hills on the other side of the lake. The two shikaras parted and journeyed in opposite directions.

After that the sun rose and set many times and in its golden rays, the Dal Lake shone in silvery ripples. But the shikaras were never
seen again, and the two lovers did not ride in them. The lotus flowers lost their bloom, the Shalimar fountains stood silent and a somber song echoed through the depths of Kashmir valley.

“Bedardi Balm Tujh Ko Mera Mann Yaad Karta Hai”
(O my dear my heart craves for you…)

But Usha’s lover who sang this was hundreds of miles away. The hand of cruel destiny had shattered the mirror of his hopes and heart. He could no longer traverse the path of love. An accident had broken his heart.

A blind fate and the bitter realities of life combined to shatter the love of Usha and Gopal but…
“Arzoo” is the story of a love that triumphed over life and fate.

 Cast: Rajendra Kumar, Sadhna and Mehmood

Winner of best story award at TASHKENT FILM FESTIVAL
Winner of over 25 Awards

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