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The horoscope of Akash matched very well with Neeti’s horoscope and grandmother and Maa Rukmini were very happy. Grand mother rings up Professor Saxena immediately and tells him about Akash’s horoscope which has matched perfectly with Neeti and that the Shrivastav family will be reaching Pune at the earliest to see Neeti.
Saxena who has a small family is very happy. His wife is no more. He has two daughters Neeti and the younger one Meethila who is known as Meethi. Saxena’s sister also stays with him and everybody calls her Buwajee. Meethi has told her neighbours about the marriage plans of Neeti. When Hemant hears the news he becomes very sad as nobody knew that he silently loved Neeti. On many occasions Hemant wanted to express his love to Neeti but had no courage to do so.

Being a follower of tradition, the Shrivastav family does not allow the boy to see the girl whom he is to get married to. Hence it was Akash’s mother Rukimini, younger brothers Nikhil and Vinay, their wives Neelima and Anita and Akash’s friend Ravi who leave for Pune to see the girl. Rukmini took a liking for Neeti. She calls up grand mother and tells her that Neeti is the perfect girl for Akash and she even gives ‘Shagoon’ to Neeti. When Meethi comes to know that Akash Shrivastav has not come to see her sister Neeti, she gets angry and she even expresses her displeasure to Neeti.

‘Don’t get married to this boy,’ informs Meethi to Neeti. The younger brothers of Akash are already married. Why has Akash not got married yet? Akash must be lame or blind. That must be the reason why Akash did not turn up. But Akash Shrivastav is not lame. He is a highly successful business man who at the age of 16 – 17 took the entire responsibilities of the business on his own shoulders and made a big name for the Shrivastav family. After his father’s death Akash himself stood under the sun but never let the heat pass on to his family. Akash’s younger sister Namrata was very happy to learn that Akash is about to get married. Namrata got married to Rajesh against the wishes of his brother Akash and from that time onwards Akash has felt cheated by his sister’s act.
As fate would love it - Grand mother is a victim of cancer.

Meethi calls up Akash from Pune. She tells him ‘If you wanted to marry Neeti why haven’t you come down to see her?’ Akash feels Meethi hasn’t behaved well with him and he tells his grand mother that he won’t marry Neeti. At this point, Namrata enters Akash’s house and she tells grand mother ‘The world has changed – fine- But if the boy can’t see the girl, the girl can see the boy. The Saxena’s can come down to Mumbai to see Akash.’ Both grand mother and Rukmini are happy with Namrata’s suggestion and they tell Meethi about grand mother’s illness and that they should visit Mumbai to meet her. Professor Saxena has to leave for a conference to Bangalore. Meethi and Neeti come to Mumbai to meet the Shrivastav family.Meethi breaks all the every day laws of the Shrivastav family. She speaks loudly and laughs heartily and even asks questions to the elders. Neeti takes a liking for Akash, but Akash has already started loving Meethi and Neeti is unaware of this. Neeti tells Meethi that she is in love with Akash but Meethi remains quite as she herself has fallen in love with Akash. The date of marriage is about to be fixed.

Neeti and Meethi are all set to go back to their house in Pune. Akash tells Meethi ‘I will get married to you and not to Neeti. Both did not realize that Neeti has over heard Akash’s words. Heaven breaks loose for Neeti. Akash has told his mother and grand mother that if he gets married it will be only with Meethi and even Professor Saxena has come to know about it. Neeti is depressed. But she tells Saxenajee that she does not want to marry Akash. Let Meethi marry Akash. Meethi feels guilty about the Akash episode and she accepts a call for a job in Delhi. She wants to forget Akash. Akash goes to Delhi to meet Meethi. Meethi introduces Akash to her college friend and Delhi inhabitant Bipin Gupta.

‘I am getting married to Bipin Gupta.’ Meethi tells Akash. Akash cannot believe his eyes and ears. As he is about to leave, he sees a weeping Meethi from his car. Since when are you lying to all of us?’ Meethi tells Akash to get married to Neeti, if he really loved with her from the bottom of his heart. Akash becomes helpless. He tells grand mother that he is ready to marry Neeti. Buwajee scolds Neeti. She tells Neeti ‘You are an unlucky and a jinxed girl. When you were born your mother died and my brother Saxenajee adopted you. Now, Meethi has left the house for you.’ When Neeti comes to know about the bitter truth she gets shocked. She has become a wall between Akash and Meethi and so she decides to leave the house forever. Neeti catches the night train and she does not know where the train is heading for. In her compartment is also traveling a widow with her five month old baby who is going to her in-laws place.

She was Malhotra’s daughter-in-law and he belonged to Dariyapur. But Malhotra’s son had married her against their wishes and he broke all his relations with his son and daughter-in-law. He had not even seen his daughter-in-law. But with the death of his son, Malhotra wanted to see his grandson as well as daughter-in-law together in his house. The train meets with an accident in which many people die and one of the dead persons is Malhotra’s daughter-in-law. Hemant is also in the same train and he was the silent lover of Neeti. When Hemant saw Neeti leaving, he followed her but sat in another compartment of the same train in which Neeti was also leaving the city. He too meets with an accident and loses his memory. Neeti leaves for Dariyapur with the child to Malhotra’s house being mistaken as the daughter-in-law of Malhotra household. She leaves in front of Hemant who does not recognize her. The names of the dead persons appear in the news paper. Neeti’s name is also published as one among the dead ones. Meethi in Delhi, Saxena and Buwajee in Pune and Akash Shrivastav from Mumbai come to pick up Neeti’s dead body. But none of the dead bodies are in recognition state. Malhotra’s daughter-in-law’s body was mistaken to be Neeti’s and the final rites of Neeti are performed. After a few days Akash once again tells Meethi that he loved her and wanted to marry her but Meethi refuses to yield to this temptation.

‘How can I get married? I am the killer of my own sister. It is due to me that all these things happened. God will not accept our love feels Meethi. Akash has become a mental case and has lost interest in business activities. Shrivastav Industries is running in losses and Industrialist Kukreja takes advantage of this situation. Kukreja’s daughter Leena loves Akash but Akash never took any interest in Leena. Kukreja meets Akash’s brothers Nikhil and Vinay and tells them that he is ready to finance the Shrivastav family business in case Akash marries Leena. Akash refuses everything and Kukreja feels humiliated. He tells Nikhil and Vinay to remove Akash from their business enterprises and the two younger brothers should become the bosses of the Shrivastav Empire. Akash had to leave his company and even his home. Akash is removed from the family business too.At this juncture Namrata helps her elder brother Akash. Leena even tries to kill Meethi so that she becomes the wife of Akash. Namrata’s husband Rajesh gets a contract from Dariyapur and both leave for Dariyapur. Akash too is with them and he sees Neeti as Malhotra’s daughter-in-law. Akash is shocked to see a child in Neeti’s hand. Akash also meets Hemant who is loitering around Dariyapur like a mad man. Neeti feeds Hemant and looks after him.
Akash calls up Meethi in Delhi and tells her the present situation of everybody. Meethi rushes to Dariyapur to see her sister’s look alike Neeti. Meethi keeps a watch on Neeti and comes to know the actual truth that it is her own sister Neeti who is posing as Malhotra’s daughter-in-law.

Neeti refuses to tell the truth to Meethi but Neeti cries a lot. Hemant spills out the beans now and everybody comes to know that Hemant is actually the real lover of Neeti and later Hemant is treated with medication. Malhotra forgives Neeti and Hemant gets married to Neeti and Akash marries Meethi. Akash and Meethi come to Mumbai as they have to take over the Shrivastav Industries and also punish Kukreja for all the misdoings and also find out the killer of his father.

 Year of telecast:
Arzoo hai tu meri was telecasted on SAHARA channel in the year 2003.

 Direction and casting:
This serial was directed by Moti Sagar.
Mohnish Behl, Mrinal kulkarni, Shilpa Thakkar and Aman Verma played the lead roles.

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