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Bach Ke Rehna Re was a story of four kids aged 12 to 13 years who unknowingly got themselves into tricky situations and unusual plots. It was about how each time they got out of those situations just as beautifully they got into them.

Main characters were Nikhil, Zohar, Rohit and Nikita called themselves x-treme 4.They came across as brave, smart, intelligent children who were as vulnerable and afraid as any other child of their own an extraordinary picture of these kids was not portrayed at anytime. After all they were ordinary but at the same time they were the x-treme 4.

In a market overcrowded with daily soaps mainly meant for adults, a serial for the large unexploited children’s market was planned. Bach Ke Rehna Re was planned to be a 30 minute weekly show that had the glamour and yet the strong storyline and characterization that appealed to kids of all ages, urban or rural. It dealt with one of the basic desires of all children; Adventure.

With today’s children being glued to T.V. sets, their parents who control most of their viewing habits preferred their children to watch serials like BKRR than the majority of shows that dealt with broken families and extra marital affairs. BKRR through its sense of adventure and emphasis of outdoor activities gave children an outlook beyond the internet and video games.

 Year of telecast:
Bach ke rehna re was telecasted on DD-1(doordarshan) in the year2001.

 Direction and casting:
This serial for the young by the young was produced by Jyoti Sagar under the banner of “Sagar Entertainment Ltd.” and directed by Shakti Sagar and Amrit Sagar.

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