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The story stems from Ravan who exceeds all limits in the perpetration of atrocities and has unlimited pride in his invincibility due to a boon he has received from Shiv. Ravan is so arrogant that he attempts to rape Vedvati when she is praying to Vishnu to be her husband. Vedvati curses him and jumps into a burning pyre. Ravan scoffs and says no one can touch him, since he has sacrificed his ten heads to please the ten Rudra Avtaars of Shiv.
Shiv is furious and he watches all this from Kailash. Shiv tells the devtas who come to him seeking his help not to worry. Realizing that he had given a boon to a demon who had a hidden motive to use the invincibility granted to him for tormenting the good innocent mortals rishis and munis, Shiv decides to take an avtar and kill Ravan.

Thus Shiv takes the avtar of Hanuman, choosing Anjana as his mother. Kesari and Anjana become parents of Hanuman and Pawan becomes the godfather of the child who has the face of a monkey and shows his divinity as an infant itself when he leaps to swallow the sun thinking it is a fruit.
The story is focused on Hanuman as Shiv's avtar and the events that unfold in the episodes are sometimes known and, most times, not so known to viewers. There will be eye opening episodes for Hanuman worshippers as the soap progresses and the amazing strength of Hanuman derived from Shiv. In fact, when Shivji decides to take the avatar, Vishnu agrees to come to the earth as Ram, Lakshmi Devi follows as Sita .There is also a contemporary flavor in the episodes because the places which are referred to in the epic are shown. Like the Anjanadri Hill near Hampi where Hanuman was born to Kesari and Anjana for instance.

The cameramen have captured the rugged and majestic beauty of the places including Kishkinda (Hammipur, Belur), Anganwadi, Varanasi etc., which are described in Tulsidas Ramayan. Kishkinda has a strong reference in the epic as the monkey kingdom which was ruled by Bali. Hanuman becomes an ally of Bali's step brother Sugriva and he brings Shri Ram and Sugriva together leading to the overthrowing of Bali and the crowning of Sugriva as the king. There is a chapter in Ramayan known as the Kishkinda chapter.


 Year of telecast:
"Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali" will be telecasted on Sahara One from 6th June'11 Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm.

 Direction and casting:
"Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali" is produced under the banner of "Sagar Arts" by Anand Sagar, directed by Prem Sagarwith co-producer and director of special effects Jyoti Sagar and creative producer Shiv Sagar.  

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