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I had just entered my teens (fourteen) when the great moment took place; the martyrdom of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, the effect was electrifying on the youth as it changed the scales of freedom and slavery.

Ever since that most impressionable age I have lived with this burden to project to mankind of what material these Krantikaris were made of, the beautiful steel mind they had where the most gruesome torture by the British seemed trifle, where they embraced death like a bride.
In my humble film ‘Bhagat Singh’ dedicated by me to all such martyrs, I have tried to paint a picture of one such mind, the iron-mind of Bhagat Singh who in collage annual day preaches to forget the great romances of Heers and Ranjas and drinks the cup of blood who passes the test of a true revolutionary by letting the flesh melt from under his hand placed above a candle with a smile on his face and freedom for motherland in his heart. Bhagat Singh who wakes up the mighty British empire, with his fiery speech on freedom and liberty as his birth right, Bhagat Singh who puts the British imperialism on fire, by killing the man who lathi charged with animal passion and killed a peace apostle like Lala Lajpatrai by throwing bomb in the live assembly and getting self arrested and by the supreme sacrifice of kissing the gallows and wearing the crown and halo of a martyr, a dash baht.

I wanted to make an honest film. I did not want to be dictated by economic pressures and thus dilute the content i.e. the essence of Bhagat Singh, a true revolutionary without fear of death with no family bondages and a will to romance, I have tried to make a true film with my personal resources whereby the recovery does not dominate and govern the content.

Why I have kept a low profile with the release of this very subjective work of mine is because I want to ignite only a spark in today’s lost youth and let the fire grow and roar let the flames of patriotism leap sky high.

Why I have worked with actors and not stars is because I want people to remember and immortalize Bhagat Singh in true flesh and blood like in my earlier works, Ram in Ramayana and Krishna were unknown faces and will live for centuries in their original true form as Avatars of Lord Vishnu.

I want ‘Bhagat Singh’ to come as an iceberg, silent and deep, a hidden mountain which can knock a Titanic.

 Cast: Deepak Data (Bhagat Singh), Mukluk Nag (Chandrasekhar Abad), Kumar Hedge (Sukhdev) and Vinod Pandey (Rajguru)

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