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The Master Film maker as a Producer, Director and Writer
Ramanand Sagar is a born writer; his biggest asset was his great writing skill which reflected in his films and later in all his TV serials. He could express and write in Urdu, Sanskrit and Hindi with equal ease.

Rarely one comes across a film maker who is equally versatile as a writer, director and producer.
His other strong points as a producer and director were evergreen music, massive productions, spectacular locations and biggest of star casts.

Even before he started his own production house, he had worked with the biggest of stars of his time, like Prithiviraj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, Nargis and Nimmi etc.
He continued this tradition in his own films by casting mega stars of his time like Rajendra Kumar, Sadhana, Dharmendra, Mala Sinha, Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malani, Rekha, Vyjayantimala, Raj Kumar etc.

Whether he made Costume Drama, Action Thriller or Period Films, the portrayal of the sensitivity of a woman's love has remained his high point.

His love stories were redefined with each of his films. Therefore, his films, like love, have remained.

Entry of a Giant Film Maker into the Small Screen Pioneer of Indian Television Industry
In Mid 70's, Dr. Ramanand Sagar and his sons while shooting for "Charas" in France, visited a French home and the whole family watched television together.

As a visionary man, he foresaw that TV will ultimately surpass the big screen. The realization that it was the right medium that brought families together to watch respectable programs. He along with his sons took the biggest stride in TV history which gave them international recognition.

A thought process born in 1975 finally saw the light of the day in 1985. In 1985, The Sagar Group was the first to enter into TV software production & created some of the most memorable programs in Indian Television.

The futuristic approach and vision of Dr. Ramanand Sagar led the Sagar Group of companies to become one of the pioneers in India's media production industry. Starting with the mega hit TV serial "Vikram & Betaal", and followed by fairy tales of "Dada Dadi Ki Kahaniyan", Sagar Group - in a period of just 15 years have logged over 2000 Hours of super hit Television software, including the blockbusters "RAMAYAN", “SHRI KRISHNA", "ALIF LAILA", "JAI GANGA MAIYA", "ANKHEN", “ARSALAAN”, “JAI MAA DURGA”, “SAI BABA”, “MAHIMA SHANI DEV KI”, “DHARAMVEER”, “PRITHVI RAJ CHAUHAN” that held the first position, and many more...the latest being “JO ISHQ KI MARZI WOH RAB KI MARZI”.

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