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Charas spotlights the great threat to the human society, being posed by the spread of narcotic drugs all over the world, the biggest problem of many countries today.
Charas is the story of that eternal vigil by a dedicated band of officers of international Police, the perils of their constant fight with the ruthless smugglers, the fiery ordeals through which the duty has to pass at the very risk of their lives. Charas is the story of a brave young man, whose personal vendetta makes him launch a one man battle against the ruthless villain, international smuggler of narcotic drugs.

Convinced to serve a greater human cause, he eschews his personal vendetta and accepts to serve the forces of law in the international flight against the smuggling of the cursed drugs.
Charas is the story of a beautiful stage dancer who is brave but helpless. The ruthless smugglers blackmail her to help them in their nefarious activities. But the purity of her soul kindles the first flame of love in the heart of this brave man. Her love is put to the cross when she has to choose between the safety of her crippled father and the very life of her lover.

Charas is the story of two innocent lovers whom fate and circumstances had thrown into opposite camps and their profound love which blossomed under the very shadows of their life and death struggle.

Charas is the story of an innocent sister, whose youth these agents of the dark, bargain in the vice dens of Europe and the story of the brother, who reaches there through the rain of bullets and fights with his life to save her. Charas is the story of great human characters who trail the blazing path of glory by risking their lives for duty and love of helpless human beings balancing on the sword edge of sin and virtue, of innocent souls subjected to the torture of ruthless killers.

Charas exposes the novel method of drug smuggling and exciting break through by the courageous forces of law. This super spectacle adventure of romance and action echoes from India to the shores of Mediterranean through the Canals of Venice to the Alps of Switzerland and the street of Malta.

 Cast: Dharmendra, Hema Malini and Amjad Khan

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