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The concept of the serial Dharam Veer is to raise the issues of human labour and division of society according to caste and religion. Dharam Veer is totally a fictional tale.

Dharamveer, a period drama is a fictional tale of two princes Dharam and Veer. It is the story of their friendship, loyalty and adventures as they grow up to adulthood. They are faced with numerous problems and conflicts which put their friendship on test.
The serial details the story of Aryanagar which is divided in to two groups- the workers and the rulers. The story begins with the introduction to the 13th century Kingdom of Aryanagar. A land divided into the royalty – the Aryavartas and the slaves – the Shramiks. While the Aryavartas are in charge of managing the affairs of the State, providing for and taking care of the needs of the slaves; the Shramiks fulfill their duties towards the State by devoting their lives and their work towards the welfare of the Kingdom. The King – Aryavardhan believes that the system works well for the welfare of the Kingdom. However, unknown to him, there is dissent and frustration creeping in amongst the slaves – brought on by the humiliation and brutality they have to face at the hands of the older brother of Aryavardhan – Jaivardhan. The situation of the workers is very sympathetic. They are ill-treated by the rulers. The workers are in a wait of their “Maseeha" (God Father) as it is forecasted that their Maseeha will end their sufferings. Seeing Jaivardhan mercilessly whips an old man unable to fulfill his tasks; Soma – a young slave dares to voice his dissent. While Aryavardhan gives him his freedom banishing him from the Kingdom; Jaivardhan makes a mockery of this decision by killing Soma.

The king of Aryanagar is also afraid of the Maseeha as he is told that the worker’s Maseeha will be a danger to his throne. It is in this time and place that Soma’s son takes birth believed by the slaves to be the “one” who will save them for the tyranny of the Aryavartas and give them what they long for – their freedom. Aryavardhan and Jaivardhan are informed about the birth of the messiah of the slaves, the destroyer of the centuries old traditions and regime of the Aryavartas. The king and his brother plan to kill the little boy (Maseeha) as he is born. Jaivardhan decides to take matters into his own hands; he sets the entire slave colony ablaze, killing all new born children – in order to ensure that the messiah of the slaves fails to see the dawn of day. Soma’s son escapes certain death as his mother sets him adrift in a casket. He is picked up by Nivriti – the widowed sister of Aryavardhan who decides to adopt him and bring him up as her own son – as Veer, as an Aryavarta. Except king’s sister, her maid and the boy’s mother and sister no one is aware of this truth that the boy is alive. The king jubilates over the birth of Veer and tells Nivriti that his son – Dharam and Veer will be brought up alike, be brothers and friends whose names will be taken in unison, whose love and togetherness will be immortal.

Veer is brought up in the palace along the prince of Aryanagar-Dharam. Veer is very intelligent, witty and spontaneous. The two princes are very much fond of each other and are together called as Dharam-Veer. Dharam is the heir of the throne of the kingdom of Aryanagar. He was righteous, a staunch follower of duties as a prince and responsible towards his kingdom and is always helped by His cousin and best friend Veer to fulfill his princely duties and responsibilities. But as both of them grow up they have to face the hardships of life and conflicts which threaten to shake the foundation of their strong bond.

 Year of telecast:
Dharamveer was telecasted on NDTV Imagine in the year 2011.

 Direction and casting:
Dharamveer was directed by Moti Sagar and produced by “Sagar films”.
Vikrant Massey played the role of Dharam and Veer was played by Rajat Tokas. Mughdha Chapekar played the role of Shera.

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