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Sagar Group is one of the major entertainment companies in India with every possible in-house facility necessary for a production house.

The group has successfully developed its Film City at Baroda in Gujarat. The 35 acres Sagar Film City has 7 Sound stages and a variety of outdoor locations in its complex. Palaces, castles, darbar halls, lakes, swimming pool, deserts, temples, ashrams, jail and battle grounds – you name the location and its all there in the Sagar Film City. There are 75 A/C rooms, dining hall, jogging track for the in-house guests.

Multiple Award Winning - In house Art Department creating all sets, props, miniatures, etc for our productions and Award Winning – In house Costume Department.

All the Sagar mythological and fantasy genre are being shot simultaneously at the Sagar Film City at Baroda.

Sagar Film And TV Academy
The Sagar Film And TV Academy, Baroda is set up in the 35 acres land having picturesque environs of Vadodara (Baroda), Gujarat. Renowned and highly experienced professionals as faculty, modern infrastructure, contemporary curriculum and specialized teaching methodologies make Sagar Film And TV Academy the best choice for professional training.

The acting institute is based on Stanislavsky’s Theory of method acting and Bharat Muni’s Natya Shastra written 5,000 years ago.
Sagar Film and TV Academy is also the first ever institute in India to provide acting, dance, yoga, horse-riding, fighting, karate and swimming course under one roof.

The comprehensive course in acting includes diction for clear and chaste pronunciation, voice culture, listening-overcoming the barriers of communication, body language – the use of appropriate gestures and actions, miming, expression exercises (Based on Natya Shastra), sense memory exercises, Emotional Exercises, Emotional memory, action-developing/Improving concentration and reflexes, observation exercises, improvisation, discovering your own potential movement playback and lip synchronization, dubbing, cinema orientation seminars, character study, study of scenes, in-depth video practical, camera look, capture therapy and sensitivity. It also includes Art of memorization, personality development, speech, dance and movement, theatre and film acting – differences and similarities.

The academy also provides additional facilities along with the acting course – yoga, dance, swimming, horse riding, fight and stunts, video and TV facilities showing good films for appreciation and discussion to be held thereafter etc..
Each candidate is provided his/her show reel for self-promotion. As a part of training, the Sagar Film and TV Academy are doing actual shooting with students as a part of the acting course.
Deserving students get an opportunity to act in Sagar Group serials / Films.
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