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Gurukul, a weekly infotainment magazine of Indian heritage and culture – aimed to showcase the wisdom, grandeur and beauty of ancient Indian knowledge and culture.

It highlighted a wealth with interactive television – A whole new genre of experience.

From the inexhaustible beauty of the Vedas and Upanishads, to the temples and rivers of India, the saints, the parables, the mythical fiction, the sacred stories …. Health, ayurveda, astrology – an intelligible synthesis of the ancient for the modern. This magical hour brought to millions of viewers, especially the young ones, the fantastic modern way of knowing the ancient wisdom of India.

Gurukul had a few permanent segments such as Geeta Gyan, the simplification and interpretation on one particular sloka with visuals from Geeta chapter of the TV serial Krishna and analysis of scenes. Mythology- for picking up particular subjects, like why Shri Ram was called Maryada Purshottam etc. and their explanation and analysis. Ayurveda- the alternate medicine for health care, beauty, skin care, with possibility of other alternate therapies like aroma therapies, acupuncture and magnet therapy, yoga for self elevation, concentration and as first aid cure for diseases, for sickness of body and mind. Astrology- the authentic science that governs your destiny and topical predictions in general and prediction for star signs. The Fables and Kathas stories with moral values interspersed visuals from the TV serials Vikram Betaal, Dada Dadi Ki Kahaniya etc. etc., an optional segment Indradhanush showcased anything which is worth knowing watching for e.g. life of Saints, Reasons for festivals, crafts, Dance, Music, Vastu Shastra etc.

Gurukul was a complete cultural package interspersed with a spiritual renaissance for man in this hour of awakening.

 Year of telecast:
This serial was telecasted on DD-BHARTI in the year 2002 in 56 episodes. Later best of Gurukul was telecasted as a bridge of 26 episodes.

 Direction and casting:
It was produced by Ramanand Sagar under the banner of “Gayatri Films and Music Pvt. Ltd” and directed by Prem Sagar.
Sakshi Tanwar hosted the serial.

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