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A top electronic company of Bombay has sent interview calls to Ramesh (Randhir Kapoor) and Shalini (Tanuja). There is one job but two candidates, Ramesh is confident of the job. He realizes that with this job he shall be able to flood happiness in his dilapidated home and also get his ignorant dear mother treated for cancer. On the other hand, Shalini’s house has been mortgaged. Only the assurance of this job gives a new lease to her family and saves the day. This job means everything to her.

It is only when traveling in the same compartment of a Delhi bound train, that the truth splinters the naked reality before them. They are the two most qualified candidates for the same job and their fate hang on this job. Now knowing each others dire circumstances, an unsaid competition begins, between them to reach Bombay first, leaving the other competitor behind. A battle of wits is declared, two young brains fighting at their wit’s end.

At the Delhi Airport, unknown to them, a co-traveler is amusing himself with their naughty young pranks and is intensely observing the finer shades of the human in them. This stranger is no stranger. In reality he is the boss of the company where Ramesh and Shalini are proceeding for their life’s dreams.

As fate would have it, the airplane they are traveling in, due to a technical hitch is forced to land in a desert. Normally a journey of just two and half hours becomes a never ending night mare. Ironically, now all the man-made machinery fails for these jet age travelers and every effort of theirs, to reach Bombay, only takes them further away from their destination.

This endless journey is jam packed with a series of comedy of errors
• Cases of mistaken identity
• Rip roaring highway dacoit
• Spine chilling motor cycle chase
• A thrilling escape from the jaws of death
• But unknown to them they innocently walked into the crooked webs of international smugglers
• And the sleuths were playing a hide and seek game with their very lives.

During this stormy journey which they brave together, a strange companionship is born. And before they reach Bombay, these co-travelers are lost on the shores of love. Now they both want to sacrifice the job at the altar of their love a job which, in their lives, meant everything to them. But the two tender hearts had yet not come close enough that the blind game of fate once again took them on an endless journey where their love dangled between the scales of life and death.
Hamrahi is a fun filled story of the thrilling and existing journey of these two love born co-travelers.

 Cast: Randhir Kapoor, Tanuja, Jagirdar, Sujit Kumar and Keshto Mukherjee

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