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The godly valleys of the lush green Himalayas had often echoed with their love songs. They had promised to live and die together. His name was Kiran Kumar. In his veins, he carried the pure blood of a rich landlord family. Her name was Ganga, a symbol of innocence. She was a snake charmer by profession. The innocent and tender love of Ganga and Thakur Kiran echoed from their souls.

But when Thakur Kiran came to Bombay for higher education, his promises, his ideals, his moral values were all put to hard test. The hollow deafening noise of the big city almost drowned the eternal love songs he sang in the peaceful Himalayas. Here he came face to face with today’s youth. He came across young who with their sheer will and grit could change the direction of storms. They were the pride of their country; they were the destiny to their motherland.

There was also another group of youngsters who had lost their moorings of life. The fear, that the Satan of unemployment would one day eat them up made them frustrated. To escape from life, they found false comfort and felt hopelessly protected in their smoky fortress of drink and drugs. The outside powers kept their hawk eyes open; to make these frustrated youngsters nothing but slaves of drugs and sex, so that the future of this country may be crushed by this drug machinery.

The poisonous tentacles of the drug peddlers were also spared around Thakur Kiran. He bravely forced the onslaught for some time, but soon fell a prey to bad company and his citadel of moral values and sacred traditions crumbled down to dust. He had started it as a causal experiment but in no time he was a slave of drinks and drugs. Soon he fell into the bottom most pits to life.

In his adventures in this new world, he came across a strayed young intellectual girl ‘Ragini’ who had been swept away by the tidal waves of western culture. Ragini was a burning charcoal, a symbol of lust. He also met the cabaret girl ‘Malti’ who sold her golden body for a few silver coins, but her soul was as pure as the water of the Ganges.

Out of this clash of social and moral values, emerges a powerful drama of today’s young Jalte Badan.
• Jalte Badan is a mirror of modern society
• Jalte Badan had sets on fire, the burning problems to today’s youth
• Jalte Badan is a clash of the old and the new
• Jalte Badan is a touching story of a sister’s nobility, a brother’s sacrifice and a mother’s helplessness.
• Jalte Badan is the triumph of True Love.

 Cast: Kumkum, Kiran Kumar, Neena, Padma Khanna, Pradeep Kumar, Manmohan, Raza Murad & Sujit Kumar

Winner of Andhra Pradesh Film Journalist Award-
Best Cinematography
Film Fans Award Best Cinematography

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