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The visarjan of the mortal remains of Dr. Ramanand Sagar took place on December, 21st at Haridwar. The vedic rituals were all ended by Dr. Sagar’s eldest son Subhash Sagar and grandson Shiv Sagar who performed the visarjan jointly at the sacred Brahma Ghat amidst chanting of prayers by senior purohits who gathered specially for he occasion. It was as if Ganga Maiya in whose praise he had created the serial Jai Ganga Maiya had reserved a special welcome for her favorite son when she engulfed the Kalash containing his mortal link with the Moh Maya of this universe. The echo of the prayers and the reverence accorded to the departed soul by Dr. Sagar’s admirers at the Ghat truly signified the special bond he shared with the holy river, the visible deity in whose proximity Dr. Sagar had wished to spend his last days.
Sagar Saab had told his sons that he wished to spend the autumn of his life at Haridwar in an ashram he’d build for himself and his wife Smt. Lilakurami on a plot of land he had acquire on the banks of the revered river. He couldn’t realize the dream as he remained actively involved in the creative work he and his sons were engaged in.

In the next year Sagar Saab sons hope to launch the creation of a Ramanand Sagar museum and a spiritual leisure park at the very site he had visualized as his home in his last years.

At this Mumbai residence, Sagar Villa, the condolence messages haven’t stopped pouring in countless friends, well wishers admirers of the doyen have been expressing a personal sense of loss on his passing away.

In a letter addressed to Shrimati Lilakumari, President of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, has expressed his grief. He has hailed the creative endeavors of Dr. Sagar and adds “Dr. Sagar will be remembered for the changing face of Indian television through the many serials he directed and produced for the small screen and also his movies which were box office hits.”

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