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Mohan is a rich sophisticated business man madly in love with Bina his fiancée. A twist of fate brings the city bred multi crore Mohan to a remote fishing village on an island in the middle of the sea. The tragedy is that he has lost his memory and does not remember his past; he is mistaken for a mad man without identity when he tries to instinctively rob food since he is hungry. Then Mauva, pure and bubbling like a spring, not only rescues him but falls deeply in love with his innocence.

She teaches him how to throw a fishing net, how to chop a tree and multiple practical living chores which are mundane to the city’s fast life lanes. The innocent love blossoms in this untouched mankind village and culminates to the promise of love, the divine bondage of marriage. But fate is the hunter and we innocent souls the hunted.

Mohan regains his memory but does not remember his bondage of love with Mauva, the cruel hand of fate has played a hide and seek game with three honest and pure lovers. Everybody is noble; everybody wants to sacrifice himself at the altar of love. The river of fire tosses the boat of love where all the three want to keep their promise and their vows.

Prem Bandhan is a Saga of such love full of sacrifice, emotional turmoil and drama, where destiny and fate are the hunters.

 Cast: Avinash Wadhawan, Kiran Kumar, Roma Manek, Raza Murad and Dinesh Hingoo

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