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On its launch in 1987, Prime Minister of India Shri RAJIV GANDHI said that
“… The ‘RAMAYAN’ has stirred the imaginations of millions of viewers. It has imbibed the great Indian culture, tradition and normal values especially in the young …”

Former President of India SHANKAR DAYAL SHARMA said “… the ideals and life style in the epic ‘RAMAYAN’ are valid for humanity forever…”

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL – N.Y. (front page) -
“…‘RAMAYAN’ was so popular even with non-Hindus, that some Christian Churches rescheduled Sunday services so that parishioners wouldn’t miss it…”

CNN - “… 3200 Year old Indian epic -‘RAMAYAN’ – streets became deserted as Indians abandoned work and chores to watch the adventure of Lord Rama…”

THE TIMES – London - “…‘RAMAYAN’ is India’s most successful television serial, watched weekly by an estimated 40 million people…”

A book titled ‘NO FULL STOPS IN INDIA’ – Mark Tully – BBC Correspondent – devoted one complete chapter with 27 pages to Ramanand Sagar’s ‘RAMAYAN’ and its unbelievable popularity.

5 VOLUMES OF RAMAYAN were translated in Japanese language for OSAKA University of Foreign studies and taught by Prof. Tomio Mizokami to Japanese student in OSAKA University.
THE TIMES OF INDIA wrote - “…‘RAMAYAN’ is the Biggest Block Buster in the History of
Indian Television …”

INDIA TODAY wrote - “…‘RAMAYAN’ is a Divine Sensation…”

NELSON Ratings - “…‘RAMAYAN’ generated significant Nelson rating when telecast on “Eye on Asia” in New York…”

‘RAMAYAN’ has been read in countless tongues, written and televised in myriad languages. It has found a home in simple villages and sophisticated cities all over the world. Since its telecast in the eighties ‘RAMAYAN’ has been hailed as a MODERN DAY MIRACLE. The media also hailed its director Ramanand Sagar, as modern day TULSIDAS and VALMIKI. Shobha Yatras and victory processions were held all over India to felicitate the man who made ‘RAMAYAN’ a miracle, who brought ‘RAMAYAN’ to every home. These processions these Shobha Yatras, these Honors and Awards were an everyday affair after the telecast of ‘RAMAYAN’.

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