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Prithviraj Chauhan, the last ruler of Chauhan dynasty to sit on the throne of Delhi, was born in 1168 as the son of Someshwar Chauhan, the king of Ajmer. He was a brilliant child and very sharp at learning the military skills. He had the skill of hitting the target only on the basis of its sound. He succeeded to the throne of Ajmer at the age of thirteen, in 1179,when his father died in a battle.
His grandfather Angam, ruler of Delhi, declared him heir to the throne of Delhi after hearing about his courage and bravery. He once killed a lion on his own without any weapon. He was known as the warrior king.

When he ascended to the throne of Delhi, he built Qila Rai Pithora here. His whole life was a continuous chain of bravery, courage, chivalrous deeds and glorious exploits. He defeated the mighty Bheemdev, ruler of Gujarat, at the mere age of thirteen.

His love story with his enemy, Jaichand's daughter, Sanyogita is very famous. He rode off with her on the day of her 'Swayamwar'. While the love story of Prithvi Raj and Sanyogita, who defies her father and marries Prithvi Raj and strains the relations further between the two kings, is a major highlight of the narrative, the episodes also necessarily focus on the social, political and economic developments of the period in Indian history following the disintegration of the Harshavardhan Empire. The period marks the rise of the Rajputs as protectors of the people, particularly against the Arabs and Turks who were invaders wishing to extend their lands and plunder their conquered lands.

Prithviraj Chauhan expanded his empire, during this time Mahmud Ghori attacked India in 1191 and he was defeated at the first battle
of Tarain. After defeating the army of Mahmud Ghori he was asked to attack the retreating army but in true Rajput tradition he refused to do so as it did not conform to the fair war rules. As a result Mahmud Ghori again attacked India and in the second battle of Tarain Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated and captured. He was treated very badly, his eyes were burnt with red-hot irons and he was made blind. But Prithviraj did not lose courage. Helped by his court poet and friend Chand Bardai, he is believed to kill Mahmud Ghori with his "Shabdabhedi Baan" (skill of hitting the target just on the basis of sound made by it). During the archery competition organized by Mahmud Ghori, he displayed his skill. When Mahmud Ghori praised him he heard his voice and attacked him. Mahmud Ghori was killed. In order to escape death at the hands of enemies he and his friend Chand Bardai stabbed each other.

Prithviraj Chauhan died in 1192, with his death a period of bravery, courage, patriotism and principles came to an end.
The lavishly mounted production from Sagar Films is the first of its kind in television history not only in terms of its mammoth scale but also in terms of its attempt to unravel one of the most colorful periods in Indian history before the Moghul rule began in Delhi.

 Year of telecast:
The serial was launched on Star plus on 12th May 2006.

 Direction and casting:
Prithviraj Chauhan is produced by Subhash Sagar, Prem Sagar and Jyoti Sagar under the banner of “Sagar Films Pvt. Ltd.”
The concept and execution of the project are by Moti Sagar and Anand Sagar while Shakti Sagar and Amrit Sagar are series directors.
Rajat Tokas played the role of young Prithviraj, Mugdha Chapekar as young Sanyogita, Jass Arora as Someshwar, NIrmal Pandey as Mohammed Ghori and Milind Gunaji as Vijay Chandra.

 International Film Festivals :
Rajat Tokas won the Best Child Actor - Star Parivar Awards (2007) , Best Yogya Jodi - Star Parivar Awards (2007); along with Mugdha Chapekar, his co-star in Prithviraj Chauhan , Best Child Actor - Gold Awards(2007), Best child actor - Indian Telly awards (2007) and the Best Actor (Popular) - Indian Television Academy Awards (2007).
The serial also picked up the award for “The best weekly show” at the Hero Honda Indian Telly Awards (I.T.A.) 2007.
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