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Sagar Group of Companies
Television has often been trumpeted as the medium for the masses with an unmatched potential for disseminating messages. But this potential was seen more on paper than in actual reality. That was until Ramayan happened. This mythological serial based on the Indian epic whipped up mass hysteria to unprecedented proportions. And can be credited as the benchmark for popular television programming in India till date. It comes as little surprise that this serial was produced by one of the doyen of the Film & TV production houses in India, the Sagars. The Sagar group has always been a trendsetter in all its ventures.

The group started production of motion pictures in 1950 and till date has produced over 25 pictures. Three of these have remained evergreen hits in the annals of Indian cinema with a total of twelve top bracket hit and some of them running up to 75 weeks at a go.

Among the blockbusters are a diamond jubilee ‘AANKHEN’ and silver jubilees ‘GUNGHAT’, ‘ZINDAGI’, ‘ARZOO’, ‘GEET’, ‘LALKAR’, ‘CHARAS, ‘BAGAWAT’ etc.

In 1985 they ventured into TV production and created some of the most enjoyable programs in Indian television. Till date they have logged over 2,000 hours of memorable software. Some of the serials include the legendary hit Ramayan, Shri Krishna, Alif Laila, Vikram aur Betaal, Jai Ganga Maiya, Dharamveer, Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Hotel Kingston, and Arsalaan. Hatim, Mahima Shani Dev Ki, Jai Maa Durga, Sai Baba among others.

Ramayan was the first mythological serial in Indian television and created this whole new genre of mythological serials. The serial portrayed the story of Ram in the most aesthetic manner and carried a lot of devotional value for the Indian viewer. The serial was followed by an entire nation and often during the telecasts the streets always wore a deserted look. This Herculean magnum opus came in the form of manna from heaven especially when it was perceived that the country’s young generation was unconsciously moving towards the vices of modern days. As a soothing spiritual balm an entire nation received a lesson on our deep-rooted culture, traditions and the heritage of pure ethics and hallooed principles. Ramayan was the epitome of the triumph of good over evil and boasted of noble virtues.

Shri Krishna generated magnificent ratings - topping the television rating charts (TRP’s) for over 120 weeks as the number one rated program. It created advertising history by being the highest revenue earner for Doordarshan by earning almost ONE billion rupees as advertising revenue. The story encapsulates the true image of Shri Krishna and shows Lord Krishna right from his childhood days to Yogeshwar Krishna imparting the immortal Gita gyan to mankind. It has helped dispel many a myth in the minds of people regarding Lord Krishna.

Arabian Nights a collection of the world’s greatest tales like Aladdin, Alibaba and the forty thieves, Sindbad the sailor etc., was another well received serial both among children and adults. A massive hit in Bangladesh, it ran successfully for 143 week - It participated in the fourth Cairo Film & TV International festival and was successfully telecast in Indonesia / South Africa / U.K. / Singapore / Trinidad etc.

The Sagar group of company’s main interest has always been TV / Satellite / Video / Motion pictures production & distribution though of late they have diversified into the hospitality industry. Their first deluxe hotel has opened in the Himalayas (Kullu-Manali) with a public issue. The latest being Sagar Ganga Resort, Haridwar which is an exclusive heritage resort on the banks of the holy Ganges.

In short, the Sagar group of companies has been one of the pioneering people in India’s media production industry. They are the first family of mythology and fantasy based programming. They have an unmatched track record in this area and are responsible for some of the biggest blockbusters on Indian television. Their feel for the pulse of the public is immense and they have an unerring instinct at appealing to the public’s sentiments. Their global distribution network also enables them to tap revenue potential through repeat sales in territories outside of India. They have carved out a formidable reputation both in terms of the products they create and the revenues they generate. The faith and conviction they put into their products comes through to the audience.

The Sagar group of companies has always been masters in lateral thinking. Their ability to generate incomes from programme spin-offs is incredible. Whether it is merchandising or new products or brand extensions the amazing quality about the Sagar group of companies is that they have a unique understanding of the consumer and the opportunities that are hidden come to the surface under their deft handling. In the industry they are regarded as the family with the Midas touch and with good reason.
(Inputs carat - India- report for Sagar on Hanuman the mighty God).

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