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Ram Bharose (God’s own man) on the sword edge of good and bad arises a story of human values dramatic stresses and their sacrifices.

Ram Bharose is the story of two brothers, whom circumstances had forced to choose their own path. Ram (Randhir Kapoor) is a simple and pure soul. With devotional faith in his God’s, he accomplishes the impossible ‘Ram Bharose style’. Like his father, who was a brave police officer, he dreamt of joining the police force and thus serves his motherland.

In dramatic circumstances, a national mission of great importance is thirsted on him. This honest and brave patriot rises to heroic heights and is even ready to lay down his life for the mission.

By the blessing of Lord Ram, in his own topsy turvy ways, he accomplishes the ‘impossible’, Bhanu Pratap (Amjad Khan) his elder brother is all fire. His harsh and ugly experience in early life has cut him into an iron man. He spites the society. ‘Self’ is his only religion, money his only god.

Kiran (Rekha) is a victim of circumstances. She had been cleverly molded into a ‘Mafia Queen’ by a nefarious group of powerful villains. Who helped by foreign interest, indulge in anti national activities in India.

The dangerous and lively paths of ‘Ram’, ‘Bhanu’ and ‘Kiran’ cross each other like a jigsaw puzzle. Unknowingly the hand of fate pitches them in a battle against each other, fighting for the same mission.

The winning dices go on changing hands and the high voltage drama mounts one for all and all for one through a lot of fun, adventure, frolic and action.

Soon the winds of time change their direction and the realities crash. Bhanu realizes that much greater than his ‘Money God’ is the peace of his soul. Also, the Mafia Queen Kiran has already melted in the pure love of simple Ram.

Three pitched against each other now join hands and become one unifying force but the truth is revealed too late, and the villains are too strong.

Ram Bharose is an entertainer full of hilarious situations, high power drama and thrilling action. A story that is full of warmth of human relations, bondages, human greatness and weakness.

 Cast:Randhir Kapoor, Rekha, Amjad Khan

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