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Inspired from the great English classic ‘Pygmalion’ (my fair lady), by Sir Bernard Shaw. Hum Tere Ashiq Hain is a love journey of Ram Kali (Hema Malini) from an illiterate village girl selling flowers outside temples to a sophisticated princess.

Dr. Anand, who has studied abroad in England, comes back to India and is on a visit to his ancestral home, the Thakur Haveli in his village, the huge Goparum of the village temple but caught in the web of his drunkard uncle who ill treats her and beats her for money for his drinks.

The golden innocent heart of tribal Ram Kali further touches the royal blooded Thakur, Dr. Anand when he apologizes for the accusation put on Ramkali as a thief for having robbed his purse.

Out of gratitude he invites the illiterate Ramkali to the city to give her self dependence whereas for Ramkali it is the first ray of love and emotions ever showered on her till today. A riot of innocent situations - full of comedy, love, emotions and drama - start whereby Ramkali from learning ABCD, throwing out her tutors, breaking TV sets on seeing a person inside, to polishing white shoes with black polish, to bringing a cow in the furnished drawing room for Dr. Anand etc., etc., is finally palmed off as a royal blooded princes to Dr. Anand’s father Thakur Saheb (Amjad Khan).

The man who plays a vital role in bringing the two lovers together throwing away caste and creed, poverty and riches, illiteracy and education is none other than the dean of the hospital (Dr. Shriram Lagoo) where Dr. Anand works.

Hum Tere Ashiq Hain is a classic love story where the purity of love outshines the man made dark dungeons of caste and creed where the environments and circumstances around human beings can transform them from illiterate to royalty.

‘Hum Tere Ashiq Hain is an entertainer with a message

 Cast: Jitendra, Hema Malini, Dr. Sriram Lagoo and Amjad Khan

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