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It was a mega-serial based on a classic Urdu fantasy.

It tells the exploits of Amir Hamza, who was the commander-in-chief of the Kingdom of Magic (the Magic Empire). A believer in the Almighty, he was a friend of the poor, the suppressed and the downtrodden. He fought against non-believers, villains, cruel rulers and the suppressors of common man.

In his adventures he is helped by Amroo Ayyar, who can take on many shapes and forms, even those of animals and ghosts and possesses miraculous powers. His bag (jhola) contains seven seas, seven cities and an army. To eliminate villains, whom no mortal can kill he becomes a Jinni.

In this kingdom of Magic (Jadu ki Nagri), everyone is a magician, every king and queen possess extraordinary magical powers which they use for the good of humans or for their own personal ends.

The kingdom is guarded by Mallika Sharara who describes herself as the empress of snakes. No one can enter the kingdom without her permission. Anyone who dares to do so otherwise is wiped out or reduced to ashes.

One of the Kings had fought a relentless battle against religious fanaticism and freed men from all religious rituals and rites.

There is Zamurrad Shah, the Shaitani Khudda, who spread terror in the kingdom and wants to rule the world by his crooked methods.

The serial gives many messages which if practiced in life, would make one honest and contented.

The serial begins with a wizened old man asking the new generations why they are allowing the wisdom of centuries (Tilism-e-Hoshruba) to be scattered to the winds. The classic has guided the man to the path of honesty and goodness. Its message is more important today for the young than it ever was as it counsels the old man. It teaches young generations the basic values of life.

 Year of telecast:
This mega serial was telecasted on DD1 in 1997.

 Direction and casting:
It was produced by Mr. Subhash Sagar under the banner of “Sagar Enterprises “and directed by Mr.Anand Sagar, Mr. Prem Sagar and Mr. Moti Sagar.

Vilas Raj, Deepak Dutta and Shahnawaaz played the lead roles.

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