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For centuries, people have looked towards the East in their quest for knowledge. The past is rich with tales of brilliance, both entertaining and educative. Betaal Pachisi, written nearly 2,500 years ago by Mahakavi Somdev Bhatt are spellbinding stories told to the wise King Vikramaditya by the wily ghost Betaal. The tales of Vikram and Betaal possess a wealth of pageantry and splendor of ancient times. They are eternally enthralling stories which parents insisted their children watch and share all the wealth, wonder and wisdom of the series.

Children and adults everywhere experienced the same sense of excitement, learnt the same infinite lessons that planted a seed of knowledge that flourished while it excited their imagination and evoked their curiosity, King Vikram and the Ghost authentically re-
created the grandeur of that long-ago time when kings, queens, princesses, sages and countries strode the earth, larger than life itself. The legend says that King Vikramaditya, in order to fulfill a vow, was required to remove a corpse of Betaal from a treetop and carry it on his shoulder to another place in silence. Enroot, the spirit of Betaal (in the corpse) used to narrate a story to the king and after completing the story, Betaal would pose a question that if he (the king) knew the answer, was bound to respond lest his head would rupture into a thousand pieces. But if he did speak out, he would break the vow of silence and Betaal would fly back to the treetop, leaving the king inches short of his destination! The cunning Betal knew that the
king was too clever not to know the answer, and each time Vikram fell for the trap followed by the inevitable …tu bola aur main chala…voooooo .The king would go after the vampire and start all over again and so on….. These were classic stories full of knowledge, wisdom and contained a moral and a question at the end posed by Betaal to Vikram.

 Year of telecast:
The legend says that Vikram aur Betaal has been one of the most popular fantasy shows made for children and had won acclaim and huge popularity during its run on Doordarshan National Network in the year 1985. It was also telecasted in Singapore-SBC, Poland- Polish T.V., U.K. - London Cable Network, Chicago-Chitrahar Ch 26 and Mauritius- Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation. After its 26 week triumphant run on Doordarshan captured the hearts of viewers around the world from Mauritius to Poland.

 Direction and casting:
Vikram aur Betaal was directed and produced by Prem Sagar under the banner of “Amar Movies”. Arun Govil played Vikram in Vikram Aur Betaal, Sajjan played Betaal and the princess was played by Deepika and the Yogi by Arvind Trivedi.

It won the prestigious Uptron Award for the first time. The serial also bagged the “Best popular serial” award in the Bombay Film Awards and the most outstanding serial award in the All India Filmgoers Association Awards.
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